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Did you ever want a CAE Signature with you Stats?

But you can't make one on yourself?

Then visit this page:

The Page is german, so if you are from an other country follow this:

The Text above the text-entry field says this "Gebe deinen Charakternamen ein" this means you have to type your Ingame - Charactername into the text-entry field.

Wähle einen Hintergrund für deine Signatur - This means that you have to select one of the pictures.

Note: The signatures will update your stats when Nexon updated them.

End of Transmission!
Category: Games | Views: 2563 | Added by: RebornShadow | Date: 2009-01-21 | Comments (1)

Okay Soldiers, listen!

To prevent any misunderstandings I'm gonna tell you the Ingame name in CAE for every member:

  • {CBC}Blade -> Papilon
  • {CBC}DeltaX -> DeltaX
  • {CBC}Interceptor -> Int3rc3pt0r
  • {CBC}RebornShadow -> PsychoManiac
  • {CBC}Nye -> Ordo
  • {CBC}Nightmare -> Dusi
Okay and by the way:

If you are new to the Clan and you play CAE for the first time, then please don't try to play on Alpha or Bravo because there might be freakin good pro's. Play on Winchester 'til you are Private.

To join the Clan you have to klick on the Top Menu:

Clan-> Clan Search -> type "CBC"(without the ")
After that you only have to Apply and I'm gonna aprove ya.

End of Transmission, now get back on the Battlefield Soldiers!
Category: Games | Views: 887 | Added by: RebornShadow | Date: 2009-01-17 | Comments (0)

Hey Soldiers! lol

Now we're fused with LoP!

That means all members of LoP will become CBC.

New Leader:

Nye from LoP, please do what he wants, okay?

End of Transmission!
Category: Clan-Intern and Extern | Views: 568 | Added by: RebornShadow | Date: 2009-01-15 | Comments (1)

Hey Guys!

I wanted to ask you on what game we should concetrate now.

  1. AirRivals
  2. Star Wars Republic Commando
  3. Combat Arms EU
Please vote on the Forums, thanks.

Your truly RebornShadow.
Category: Games | Views: 588 | Added by: RebornShadow | Date: 2008-12-29 | Comments (0)

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